Ray Reed  
   & Gator

        "If you like BLUES,
     here is the real deal"

         "Ray and Gator are two blues legends in Texas."                             --  DFW Weekender 

    "It's really a treat for blues fans since Ray & Gator pulled together.  From Jimmy Reed and Freddie King to Ray Charles and the Rollling Stones, they play it all with authenticity and the spontaneous feel of real South Texas Blues. Doesn't matter if it's the full band or the two of them on acoustics, if you like blues, here is the real deal." 
                                                                                                                       -- Thomas Louis, Blues Reviewer
    "Blues legends Ray Reed and Gator bring their band to the Austin Events Center for a blues bash on Friday. Since joining forces, Ray and Gator have inspired each other and their "house party" style performances are immediate, fresh and very contagious." 
    Carrie Rehorn, Fort Worth Star Telegram Weekender, Aug 14, 2015

    1. Managing Director
     With Chuck Berry

    Our Music
    Our Friends

    With George Thorogood
                        Gator with Buddy Guy
      With Keb Mo
             With Jimmie Vaughan
     Gator and Holland K Smith playing
    the blues at Keys Lounge, Fort Worth.

      Chuck Berry backstage in St. Louis

    Jammin' Jack Miller
     our blues harp ace

     Sam Porcaro (Toto) checks out Gator's 1968 Les Paul Custom durning a visit to Texas  (Nov. 2018). In addition to playing bass for Toto, Sam is one of the top "go to" bass players in the music industry and most important, a great friend.

     Recordings   Live & Studio

    With Muddy Waters brother, Robert

          With Doug Supernaw

    With James Cotton- Superharp!
    Playing in Memphis

    With Louisiana Red

      With Chicago Bob Stroger

    With Billy Gibbons & Keb
     Mo. What a pair of great

    With Big Memphis Jerry on
      Beale Street in Memphis
                  With Dale Watson

    Playing Red's Juke joint in Clarksdale
    With Louisiana Red & Bob Corritore
    Gator with Pinetop and Willie "Big-Eyes" Smith  who were Muddy Water's pianist and drummer. Pictures were taken before a show in New Mexico. Gator worked with Willie & Pine that night. 3 months later, they won the grammy for best blues album of the year and 6 months later they both passed away. I miss them both--incredible musicians and great souls.
    Gator with Johnny Winter in
    his motorhome a few years 
    ago. Fellow Texans. we had fun discussing the blues and mutual
     friends.  Johnny was an 
     encyclopedia of the blues. He is 
     sorely missed.
    1. 16 Nov
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      Doors opening 20:00/Start 21:30
    2. 10 Nov
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      Doors opening 20:00/Start 21:30
    3. 05 Nov
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    Playing at Morgan Freeman's
    Ground Zero Blues Club in
    Clarksdale, Mississippi 
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    Drinking with Dale Watson
     in the legendary Little Longhorn
     Saloon in Austin.  Johnny Cash &
     Dwight Yokum use to fly into Austin
     on Sunday afternoon just to listen
     to Dale. One of the greatest and  yet relatively unknown country performers of all time. If you get a chance, go see him.
    "When I was 5 years old, I saw Roy Orbison (then unknown) playing in front of a furniture store in Odessa, Texas. Electric guitars and amps!​​
    I was blown away. Then I started listening to the AM radio station in Mexico that blasted 100,000 watts toward the US. Unlike our stations in that era, they were playing songs by black artists like Muddy Waters, Little Richard, BB King, and Big Momma Thornton. Right then, I knew what I had to do. Little did I know that I'd get to meet most of my heroes and work with them."  
    Gator quoted in an interview in the May 2017 European magazine
    Keepin' The Blues Alive

          RAY REED NAMED 

    In a ceremony at Bass Hall, Ray Reed was named a "Living Legend."  Since
    moving here as a young man, Ray has contributed greatly to the social fabric
    of  Fort Worth and all of Texas. His contributions as a soldier,
    a lawman, and a musician has endeared him to all Texans who  
    know and love the man. A former sharecropper, Ray played
    bass for the immortal Freddie King as well as many other world-class
    musicians. His kindness, talent and giving nature make him a gift
    for us all in Texas. Texans are proud people and Ray is the type
    of man who makes all Texans very proud."

       With Guitar Shorty

    Upcoming Shows
    (some private parties not shown here)
      Thanks for the
    100+ gigs we did last 2 years

    (note private parties not shown)
    Jan. 20th -Steve Meek's Benefit Show
    Feb. 25 -  Randi's Last Resort in Ft. Worth running the jam session
    April 4-Pickle's BBQ in Watuga
    April 23 - Corp. Party Downtown Ft. Worth
    April 27th Ray & Gator unplugged with
    Jack Miller on Harp --Judge Beans in Keller
    ​May 5 - private party
    May 13 - Randi's Last Resort
    ​May 26th (Saturday) Granbury Live Stage
    June 23 - 2 gigs
    2:00 Finish Line -12035 Camp Bowie
    5:00 Peppermill Lounge  6825 E. Lancaster
    July 29
    Ray & Gator and jam afterwards
    The Finish Line 12035 Camp Bowie
    Ray Reed & Gator Jam
    The Finish Line 12025 Camp Bowie
    Private Partiy
    Aug. 18
    Sept. 9th - Austin Nights
    Sept. 15th Blue Bayou
    SEPT 16th The Finish LIne
    Ray & Gator Jam night 5-9

    Oct. 6 Friday Night Lights
    Permian High School 50th Reunion  Shack in the Back - Odessa Texas
    Nov. 2 - Granbury Live
    Nov. 3rd Blue Bayou

    Dec. 22 - Blue Bayou
    Jan 11 Granbury Live
    ​Feb. 2 - Blue Bayou, Ft. Worth
    March 16, De Cordova Country Club
    March 28 - African American
    Cultural Center - Ray & Gator
    ​playing country blues
    March 29 Pecan Plantation 
    Country Club
    April 6 - Fred's Texas Cafe
    April 14 KNON Celebration
    at Lola's  Ft. Worth
    ​April 20 Blue Bayou
    June 17 -African American Historical Museum Juneteenth
    Celebration  7-10 pm
    July 19  Granbury Live

    Check out interview with Gator from the European Magazine
                    Keepin' the Blues Alive                                           here                     

    For Third consecutive yearr




    Our Bio

     Ray "Ray Boy" Reed  --- Ray Reed, from Maypearl, a small town south of Ft. Worth, TX, was born the son of sharecroppers in 1940. Granddad Willie Parramore showed Ray his first guitar, and he learned his first song from Uncle Bob. Growing up he listened to records on his grandma’s Victrola such as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Little Son Jackson, and Rosetta Tharpe. He saved his money from working in the cotton fields and at the age of 16 he bought his first guitar at a pawn shop in Ft. Worth. Since then, he has played all over the US and represents the origins of delta blues as played in South Texas, Mississippi and LouIsiana. Former bass player for Freddie King, Ray knows it all from his vast experience in playing and singing the blues. In 2016, Ray was named a "Fort Worth Living Legend"  at a ceremony honoring his contributions to the culture of FW  held in Bass Hall in 2016.
     Gary "Gator" Millhollon -- Gator played for 10 years with T-Bone Turners Band in Austin, Texas. He spent more than 15 years playing the Indian casinos in the Southwest with the Blue Rhythm Kings.  Gator has opened for or worked with such other luminaries as Jimmie Vaughan, The Fab Thunderbirds, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo, George Thorogood, James Cotton, Pinetop Perkins, Canned Heat, Louisiana Red, Memphis James, Guitar Shorty, Anson Funderburgh, Johnny Winter, Chris Duarte, the Mississippi All-Stars and (while in St. Louis) shared the stage with the legendary Chuck Berry.  Gator has performed in London England, Dublin Ireland, Germany, France, and all over Texas, NM, Colorado, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Memphis.  Gator has entertained Hollywood stars including Christopher Walken, Ben Kingsley, Jeremy Irons, and Rex Linn (CSI Miami).  His band's music was used in "Suspect Zero" starring Ben Kingsley.

    Last year, Gator was featured in the European magazine "Keepin' The Blues Alive."
    Together, Ray and Gator work with a select group of seasoned musicians as they play blues, rock and some songs that they call "house party blues."




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